Restaurants offering a variety of cuisines are dotted all over the Maltese Island. They provide not just lip-smacking food but a great ambience too. Most restaurants also pride themselves on their standards of cleanliness. You can choose to sit in comfort and enjoy a leisurely meal at a host of restaurants or order a take-away meal that you can eat at your convenience elsewhere.

One great advantage of eating at a restaurant is that you get to try a range of international cuisines, ranging from the Eastern to the Mediterranean. Razzett l-Antik is a foreigner’s treasure cove. If you are intent on sampling some authentic Maltese food but don’t have access to a local family’s dining room in Malta, then ‘1743’ Razzett L-Antik (The Old Farmhouse) is your answer. The restaurant is set in what was once a milling factory to grind grain to flour for daily bread and is over four hundred years old. The staff wear traditional costumes and the food is served in reminiscent metal cooking pots. In an island so absorbed on improving cuisine standards based on international influences, Razzett l-Antik takes pride in promoting Malta’s deep-rooted food traditions and rich culture.

For an indulgent evening, you could opt for a three course. The menu is based on a belief that “patience, passion and slow roasting make one warm hearty meal”. A cold Maltese platter consisting of peppered goat’s cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and other traditional produce are an ideal starter, as is the homely daily soup. The main dish or secondi usually comprises fish or meat platters, which are served along with side dishes or controni. The inevitable and most popular Maltese rabbit based dishes consisting of slowly pan-fried in corn oil until golden brown on each side and simmered in garlic and bay leaves and red wine and the spaghetti with a rabbit sauce, fried rabbit and rabbit stew are present. Other local Malta favourites include homemade ravioli, spaghetti with octopus, stuffed aubergines, marinated rib-eye steak, leg of pork, swordfish, grouper and many more. Each dish is accompanied by a generous portion of roasted potatoes and vegetables. In addition, the wine cellar is home to many varieties of premium and private estate wines of the Maltese islands. Last but not least of this extravagant meal is the dolce or the dessert, such as Kannoli cases filled with sweet ricotta, candied peel and nuts these are the specialty of the house.

But eating out is not just about the food. The ambience of a restaurant is just as important. Most restaurants take great care of their decor, design and lighting to ensure a relaxing environment. At Razzett L-Antik one cannot but admire the building itself with an entertaining style of service that promotes Maltese traditions. The main building itself was once a milling factory to grind grain to flour for the daily bread and is over 400 years old. The medieval milling room is now set up as one of the main restaurants and for gourmet and private dining.

Depending on your mood, tastes and time at hand, you can choose which restaurant to visit. Many restaurants offer power lunches for busy executives. If you have time, you could enjoy a lazy meal with some entertainment or choose a restaurant suited for a romantic evening out. Restaurants also offer a range of refreshing drinks, tropical delights and choicest wines. For those of you with a sweet tooth, there are a range of fine desserts, fresh fruit ice creams and goodies offered by most restaurants to pamper you.

Maltese Night
1743 Razzett l-Antik is proud to organise a truly enjoyable evening. The restaurant is dressed up for the occasion with traditional feast decorations and an extended menu of delicious local food and flowing wine is accompanied by strolling musicians and folklore dancing that is guaranteed to create a special atmosphere and give you a true taste of typical Maltese merrymaking!

Chamber of Mysteries dinner shows
It is possible to follow your dinner at Razzett l-Antik with a spell bounding show of magic and illusions in a secret underground theater within the restaurants premises. This is a great way to spend an unforgettable evening consisting of delicious food followed by a truly mesmerizing show.

At Razzett l-Antik the atmosphere is invariably lively, the welcoming service is informal family-style, prices are moderate and smiles are guaranteed.



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